Sunday, February 27, 2011

Social Darkness

Doerr Dinner
Black holes in the cloud. By definition they can't be 'seen'. But as Stephen Hawking says we can know what is inside by what can be observed from a black hole's event horizon.

You see, black holes in the cloud are inversely correlated with open and secure. What they depict from scrutiny of their event horizons is insecure and closed.

Back doors in the dark are not the same thing as back doors in unexpected places. At least in the sense that generally friendly people limit access by testing goodwill rather than through coerced loyalty.

"You are suggesting that the absence of data points on the map are the result of intentional cloaking?"

"I think it is worthwhile to investigate. There may be another explanation. One that has not occurred to our crew yet. Our internal code name for this research is Vegas."

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