Saturday, February 19, 2011

Of Trust And Touch

What does he mean by ___?
"Consider it the tactile equivalent in the cloud. Bare with me hear. A reasonable argument, "appropriate touch as an invitation to trust." Hand extended to another as a greeting. Embrace as a term of endearment. And so forth.

"An exchange of smiles can happen over distance - think video chat. An international phone call to a relative says it well about voices.  But appropriate touch implies space-time proximity in the common domain.  And could in the connected artificial domain."

How often the words "appropriate, connected, trust" recurred as the team dealt with rationalized rough play from the competition. Like the usual lightning rod words such as greed and evil, the network effect could propagate destruction unintentionally. Time and again they were finding how patience and tolerance were leading to the trigger for a tipping point. Just-In-Time mindfulness, so-to-speak.

The machine's soup knows like few suspect. Saying so draws fire. And that fire says much about what needs to be done to swing the pendulum back. Action, reaction - its physics, Prudence.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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