Thursday, February 17, 2011

Behind Curtain Number Three

"One wonders how many will bother to look and how we might encourage them to do so. 

"It is, of course, the nature of the strategic communication agenda."

"A few have, ostensibly, already made up their minds. As we have seen, the issues as they see them are not necessarily etched in stone. The key is to avoid recently uploaded memes to the brain-stem. Ego's are especially vulnerable to this error if left unattended too long."

Today in Wisconsin.
Mindful is a better modality. Disinformation has a signature. The squishy logic to detect it requires empirical methods for development. As some would correctly say, "practice, practice, practice."

One such signature, "the other side does it." only needs repeating to be falsely regarded as true. Variations on the theme can be detected by probability based connotation matching. Though he worked with the functionality daily he had not given much thought to the details of its current implementation.

Covert co-opting of public perception is likely not in the best interest of system efficiency. Lessening its effects would be valuable. But how would one implement a fair exchange of value in the face of those who have a vested interest in it continuing?

A collective voice is a powerful notion. The team's research agenda was coming together nicely. Aided in no small part by performing jui-jitsu moves on Goliath. Amazing what better connectivity can do.

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