Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fail Secure

"Who has the key?"

"No one. Everyone. It depends on a number of factors."

"To gain access to the system at the creator level requires the limited cooperation of certain members. Who those members are at a given universal time is chosen by an algorithm invisible to the critical mass of rogue members required to breach security. Even if a breach occurs, only a part of overall integrity is compromised. Further, it is easily reconstituted."

The basic problem had been solved long ago as an essential 'fail self' requirement. The goal for differed in that while it was altruistic too, it was also independent of governmental control and/or private interests control (no matter how large) seeking to undermine its pan-altruistic mission.

Like young critters at play, the founding game readied the fledgling entity for the rough and tumble 'real' world. The need for such play does not diminish with time, however. Precisely the opposite is the case as the DC 2 incident had shown.

"So, the legend is more than they had assumed."

"Evidently. How should we proceed?"

© 2011 Buzz HIll

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