Monday, February 14, 2011

Common Interest

"I was told we were safe here. It was just very recently I started learning, in minute detail, why that should matter. I might have thought about it before but the network effect masked its presence and the need for it."

"When we say, "safety in numbers" without the context, it just sounds like a cliche. Yet it is critically important as protection from the so-called thugs. Growth of the network and its effects is very threatening to the competitions secret power.

By design, Prudence, by design.
"Ever notice how much of our discoveries appear seemingly out of nowhere?"

"I wondered about that. I just got the idea that our luck in that regard was because of the nobility of the mission."

"Another way to look at it: We are not alone in this type of pursuit. Because motive is so important to identifying an attractive connection, identity based on intent is the best place to search without drawing undue attention for those who have a conflicting agenda."

"So, its not an accident that some of the tools we use seem to be alive - sort of friendly?"

Her smile gave him his answer.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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