Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Command And Control

Kansas, Toto
The question to him could be abbreviated as "Why write obtusely?" A curious way to express what he had heard from others about their activity. Was the seeming anger from some due to a defensive response? A reaction to a perception that the intent was to manipulate or insult?

A company in Arkansas has become quite successful in understanding 'brain stem' responses to modern messaging. The political applications of such capability abound though most are disingenuous and self-serving to various degrees.

When anger and determination are confused, manipulators gain. Conversely, knowing the methods employed by those who have not kept pace with their responsibility, makes confrontation fairer and more peaceful by exposing the major vulnerability of oppressors, self-deception.

"We have an advantage when it comes to privacy: they are more at risk because there is a larger motive to penetrate the barrier to their privacy. What our competition would keep secret, often negatively impacts others."

But this story would be nowhere near complete if we were to exclusively hold on to what is not quite right.  But instead on what is more so. No abstraction, none Prudence, is more powerful than a united voice. Money is powerful if WE choose it to be. When a selfish few hoard it as if it were a collectors item, the rest may well decide it should have less value. Perhaps, much less value.


When hearing the song in a dream he was moved to think of sounds that inspire. Was the lyric, "… too will survive"? She had become the vision of light in his mind's eye of late. And this was no nocturnal library reorganization. They were very much awake.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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