Monday, February 21, 2011

Creating Reality Today

A useful perception that reality is just-in-time consensus. Near perfect? From certain perspectives, evidently. The point is that emergence is not pre-ordained. Emergence or something close to it manifests everyday. Take a look around. To dismiss it as illusion is to dismiss other items of faith, like God or invincible Yankees. Illusion perhaps but powerful nevertheless.

Convert parallel harmonic tempos into a pulse. Like aligning magnetic poles at the molecular level. Local effects can be astounding. Reaching critical mass causes propagation to a much larger local in the space-time continuum. Life happens near the dents, Prudence.

Alexandria, Tiananmen, Tripoli, Madison et. al. This time it will make it to the history 'books' so it won't have to be repeated.

Revolutionary Design
"Your half-century was up years ago. You had your chance. Time to move to Lincoln City and write your memoirs."  His mentor had both a wit and a famous temper. One tended to pay attention when he spoke - something about a voice that sounded like God with a head cold.

"We pause now for station identification. This is the All Humans Network ..."

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