Monday, February 7, 2011

Asymmetric Perspective

"Gene's don't like to be ignored. How do we know? Suicide bombers. Drawing attention to the decline of diversity which is essential to reproduction, viruses get the attention of 'conscious' fast acting agent mobs by threatening their livelihood."

"Machine soup equivalent? The bridge is artificial."

Sure to confuse the uninitiated.  And frankly takes a moment for even a crust old seasoned veteran. Abstraction has its price. Because, at times, nothing else will do - suck it up and shell out what ever it takes. This stuff is here to make sure it is not lost to procrastination or some variation on perfectionism ...

Three domain model, biologic, meme and artifact. Biologic has matured to the point that is no longer silo constrained (vertical topology). Meme has just recently benefited from communications artifacts. Frequency conversion looks promising for the 'wisdom bridge'.

"Migrate from owner centric to value centric. 'Who decides', 谁决定 is more important than ever because the speed ceiling has been raised by the third domain. Implicit in this revelation - said bridge is mission critical."

Many biological patterns, known and unknown, are useful to the machine's connections. Known patterns include reproduction, various types of organization, competition, symbiosis etc. Recently discovered patterns suggest many currently unknown patterns play a large role in channeling future developments. The best example: technology assisted efficacy of subtle principles connecting individuals.

Hidden Patterns
Adaptation of biology and memetic domains to each other has occurred by virtue of the 'conscious' bridge between them. Memetic/Artifact traffic is a more recent development although two domain's histories largely overlap. The new Artifact/Biology pathway is just now emerging with extraordinary implications relating to the system's influence over its destiny.'s mission is to provide a durable framework on which to build the wisdom bridge.

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