Sunday, February 27, 2011

Technique's Rationale

"More than a few have railed against the who-less, where-less style, you know."

"With patience and calm comes understanding. After all, the personal pronouns refer to actual people most of the time. And perceptions of such folks otherwise. Same with locations, even when they are misnamed.

"One of the most important fundamentals of language is reusability. Abstractions are not just convenient but essential to communication."

Relative, right?
"But why do it? It can be such a turn-off."

"That is true for the casual reader, yes. It is intentional, though. As has been disclosed here in a variety of ways, robots and minions won't 'waste' much time - too deep, won't or can't understand."

"What about the typos, in placed editing and so forth?"

"Timeliness trumps precision in this case. We compensate for flaws by moving on multiple related fronts simultaneously.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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