Thursday, August 12, 2010

Primitives, Self Referenced

"Primitive, that was it. My first exposure to the ubiquity of this word was when? An abstract description of a high-performance computing paradigm created by a dear friend for Grand Challenge types of applications. Time-space relationships of the basic building blocks to convert input to useful output. This friend I have known for some 20 years. The very concept of patterns, rekindled by an on and off again dialog about his fresh approach.

"Some 30 years ago, I had the distinct pleasure of encountering the leader of a company who supplied the intelligence community with advanced information technology. Because of the potential synergy of the device I was working on and something he had been working on for a mutual friend, I was briefed on the intent of a highly specialized linguistic processor. By today's standards its performance would be anemic, but the applications for such capability have been anticipated for many decades.

Vision Manifold
"I left out the specific players and detail related to them so as to focus on a longer wavelength fundamental (virtually timeless for our frame of reference). General cognitive capability is way behind its specialized support capacity.  History, especially since Sputnik, is full of giant leap specialization stories. A fellow named Fuller became very well known for illuminating the consequences of reaching without a sense of collective self." After marking up less than half of the introductory chapter he paused to reflect."

Why this snippet now? Because the conflict as camouflage tactic was starting to fail? Sampling these snippets from the database routine but hardly mundane. And this meme had propagated widely when very little of the machine was in place. Up against the usual noise, it was remarkably resilient. What made it so? Perhaps such primitive was polished over time?

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  1. Falsework. A funny name. Confusing without context. First cables of the suspension bridge.