Monday, March 1, 2010

Crackling Glow

Early warnings triggered. Non-specific initially of course. The day after the post-processing of the log. Each drill making the scramble more routine. Having recourse but not using it out of preparedness and compassion is a nice place to be.

Is recovery from the systemic invasion related? A useful perception perhaps. Action item within the hour: calm, responsive. Prepare for diversion pattern. She used it yesterday with fleeting effect. The intensity was palpable. Cater to the imagination to reveal primitive intent. It is what you don't say.

Turn the angry energy to growth … without the solicitous baggage and ego distortion. Practice, practice, practice. Rapid context switching, important at any cusp. Like the short sentences you see here.

Communication. Is music the best generic model for humans? Much would argue yes. A discussion amongst communicators on music that looked generative impressed greatly. Sharing its spontaneous wisdom will extend its campfire light. And repeat.

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