Saturday, May 21, 2011

Above Nation-State Law

"Where is the bribe link in the chain? In the case we have been discussing, not too close from the public end (as the practice is illegal).

Chinese Walls?
"As we have seen the laundering chain length is often more than several. And each link is not-necessarily, bi-directional.

"Obviously, when we say 'appropriately private' we do not include hiding illegal activity. But the scope of bribery jurisdiction comes into play.  If the definition of bribery is linked to a jurisdiction, sometimes it can be circumvented by performing the operations outside that jurisdiction."

By this time it was pretty clear that this dump could take tens of man-hours over as much as several weeks to determine its relevance.

Tracking information assets through such transactions, challenging to say the least. Just as Thin Thread and its derivatives enabled wide scope, deep context promised quicker solutions.

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