Thursday, May 19, 2011

Free Light

"Think about what this could mean. Substantial revenue potential. Quick employment of large numbers of individuals. Very little buildout. Attractive fallback position."

Who's afraid of VPN?
"Sounds to good to be true. Like self-powered light bulbs in Edison's time. Light on demand is a good thing."

The biggest obstacle, Deception Machine. In its capacity as a cloaking device it relies on misleading appearances. One way to look at it is to imagine a single sophisticated device that obscures that which is contained in such a way as to even mask that anything is being hidden.

Throughout history many such inventions have arisen. Each time they were obsoleted by new technology developed for the purpose of offsetting the asymmetric advantage gained by such function.

'Us', in effect, is the authentic identity connections (pipes). Each node is connected to all others with a defined communications 'pipe'. Designing it is job one. Pipe chains will likely be an important consideration.

"Try this thought experiment. A private highest-level diplomatic mission that incorporates the characteristics of a recent successful hostage release task that had nation-state value generation accomplished in an ostensibly private interaction.

"'A' privately hires 'B' to make secret contact with 'C' with the intention of building a bridge between 'C' and 'A'. Such communications would be for their mutual benefit without comprising their principled but otherwise conflicting agendas."

"The walls have ears. Even there ... especially there."


© 2011 Buzz Hill

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