Friday, May 6, 2011

How It Appears

Hidden simplicity. Nothing more, nothing less. Theme of a coherent dream. Illusion of complexity as camouflage. Keep asking, 'Who's vested interest?'"

Background betrays illusion.
"Just behind 'Follow the Money'?"

"I think so."

All around them, the press chasing its tail. Comical that the institution has slipped so far. Will it rebound again? Probably.

That big east coast city of contrasts. Authentic persons just around the corner from the deception machine. Geographical concentration has this in common with a connected planet. Easy access to the polar opposite.

And at least one remains - proud in not wasting time on opposing views. Intolerance masquerading as academic superiority. We have much to learn from each other and a bit too much pride at times to do so.

"What are we to conclude when a search result link leads to the wrong content? Maybe just hypervigilant in these times of manufactured conflict. Maybe ...

©2011 Buzz Hill

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