Sunday, May 8, 2011

Case Study

SockPuppet -- Real Person
"Sock puppet this is real Real person. Real person meet Sock Puppet."

Authentic is the new cool. It most applies to identities. As we can see, great new start-ups are harvesting this trend.

"Koch is NOT the subject, it is right here in my marching orders."

The king of social networking on the internet improves identity authenticity almost daily. Friendship and trust are clearly central to its efficacy.

An aspect that is overlooked in some theoretical models is the vested interests in such network's dysfunction. Out of self-organizing systems, remedial functionality for mitigating short term exploits emerges.

Having reverence for such is something that is more common to the liberal arts because of deeper historical roots. As technology grows-up it will become less predatory and more symbiotic (generally)?

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