Friday, May 20, 2011

Picking Targets

"What should we know about the concept of thin thread?"

Multinational, recently public.
"I suggest we take a current example, private multinational intelligence regarding competition for energy profit."

Keystone XL approval, a natural for examining the value of private control of this detection breakthrough. Getting to a manageable overview, first and foremost.

"I would like to develop some background before addressing the earlier question regarding forensic detection of VPNs. The key goal of using such a capable real-time monitor here is discovering how to preempt wide public disclosure of certain undesirable information.

"The techniques for doing so includes pre-mocking, diversion, obfuscation etc. Some require time to deploy so the  earliest detection possible should be sought. Lets also defer detailed discussion of the Trailblazer masquerade. You will see in a moment why this makes sense.

"Secret collaboration for metered disclosure of leaks useful during transition to accountable private contractors. As we have learned from a highly respected international technology company, Apple, ethical secrecy is doable even in today's sea of private corruption."

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