Thursday, May 12, 2011

End of an Era

"A handful of people control the narrative. They are vulnerable on several fronts. One of the biggest is maintaining secrecy. In oder to pick our pockets (a very large resource for their business model) our attention needs to be diverted

"How can such a situation be? A very large positive cash flow surely helps. Preventing disruption of the money machine is a very high priority for oligarchs/plutocrats. Using cutting edge technology to covertly deceive competitive power centers (mostly the public in a representative democracy) is central to what has been a very successful mission for the last decade.

"Because of the attraction to compete for very large revenues exists, companies have emerged that derive indirect but lucrative benefit from exploiting the stated vulnerabilities.

"A potent mix of a motivated and empowered 'mob' of millions and a rapidly evolving friendly technology (that is also very profitable) now can offset the historical advantages of vast wealth and corruption.

More equal?
"Power is being upgraded. The status quo, while still potent, is trending down precipitously. The emergent competition, Friendly-Competent-Orgainized is rising fast.

"Learning how to compose an abstract for the conceptual foundation is job one, from where I sit. "

The academic exercise of putting together research and deriving a suitable hypothesis would not be complete without this stark fact. Formidable resistance exists to the dissemination of these concepts to the general public.

Just this calendar year, a reasonable launch pad for this new knowledge has arisen. How does one make it attractive to skeptics unaware of how they have been led astray by heretofore 'trusted sources"?

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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