Sunday, May 22, 2011

Angry Salesmen

Little guys can leak too.
"You see them in coffee shops around here. They can be identified by a certain type of laptop computer and a behavior pattern. They overhear conversations there, as we all do.

"Sometimes, they attempt to join. When they do, it is easy to see that something more important to them is overriding friendly interaction in the store. Its part of the job but with strings. Rumor has it, they are paid a little (but enough) for doing this."

The speculation that an army of low paid individuals were gaming the system for hire fascinated those who were just discovering it. How could this have happened in plain site? A persistent question.

Much of what influences society we simply are not consciously aware of. Its a human thing. And there will be a segment of the population that takes advantage of it.

"Don't make something up if it isn't useful." A memorable line from the turning point in the script." The convergence of pressure, greed and rationalization, like a bubble about to burst."

"What if low-level whistle blowing can be cost-effectively encouraged? Say at the online puppet master level."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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