Monday, May 9, 2011

Keystone XL Card

Safe and clean OR BUST.
"The competition will attempt to prevent linkage. We would be well advised to use organic propagation in the form of productive conversation visible to the cloud to clearly link approval and support for alternatives in the public eye. The makers of the infrastructure to accomplish it have already put most of the tools we need in place (Thank you Apple, Google and Facebook et al)."

The challenge: a hook that can withstand a full-on assault from the Deception Machine and a short mission description so that an army of 'sneezers' can spread the friendly virus to the smart mob.

The Future
Take, for example, the issue of cap and trade. The proposed pipeline has a huge carbon footprint. Most of the public does not know this because of the Deception Machine and big-owner control of the 'news' media.

Those big owners that keep the approval leverage from reaching public awareness do not control technology assisted friendly conversation.

Get to work. Its fun and one the best gifts ever to future generations.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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