Sunday, May 1, 2011

Atlas Sneezed

"If law practiced the conventional way does not lead to justice, a proxy for it will rise quickly. Such events have sought equilibrium since the beginning of recorded history. Our conventions are not etched in stone. The ones that endure are simply best at representing long duration value.

"The person symbolizing rationalization of violence to innocents to achieve a type of 'justice' has just been killed by those who disagree with his methods. Many more who have benefited in one way or another from his body of work may not be held fully accountable. The coming weeks and months perhaps even years will see a response that simply was not possible before the advent of worldwide and largely free interactive communications.  Most of it will be very, very positive. It is more difficult than ever for the unfriendly to hide.

"Turning close to home, in fact within our borders: credible research indicates a presence of those working against the interests of US citizens with a firm stronghold inside our country. Investigations into their activity has already begun and will likely accelerate due to the large improvements in the conversational integrity of our public networks."

The "Voice Of" persona sounding more authentic than they even dreamed possible just a year ago sounded particularly credible reciting current events in the context of the machine's predictive fields. He imagined a time soon that personal analog/digital conversations that update its memories would be taken for granted in the very near future.

Meanwhile, just an hour up the road she was reporting back to them that the upstream news in Canada was starting to create some activity that could be seen even as far away as Vernonia. Since plausibility was enough to reinforce that database schema, the mission had already reached break even.

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