Monday, May 23, 2011

Cycle Time

"How is it related?"

"I saw this on a Facebook post, 'All are frequencies and wavelengths, vibrations of the cyclic continuum. Duration is how they appear to those that suffer and need not. Thank you, your holiness.' It makes reference to a mathematical transformation that has been very useful in a variety of successful technologies."

"When many frequencie's falling edges synchronize, a step function down occurs. In context, a 'death' occurs. Just as in the rising case, a 'birth' occurs. One could then view an average 'lifetime' as a nominal bandwidth. To quantitatively analyze one needs to window in the time domain?"

An advantage to conceptualizing with ones current understanding is to venture into a sometimes highly productive realm that may not at all be like what one expected. They were fond of the label, emergent. And this discussion was about intended emergence.

... and when the bubble ends?
"Enough with the generalities. We are now aware of the energies at our disposal. We know their frequencies (inverse of wavelengths) and relative phase. Pick an acceptable time window in the future and predict when it is opportune to harvest the synchrony for the desired effect.

"Our egos are slaves to the time domain because existence pivots on a special time known as now. Our greater self is not so constrained. Our greater selves, even less ..."

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