Saturday, May 28, 2011

Context Domain

One Step Removed

"Images and links (both incoming and outgoing.) What can we conclude, if anything, from this confirmation? I am inclined to see connection from a slightly different perspective."

"In a world where filtering is far less useful to keep dialog channels open, hierarchy and the building of such is best reconsidered."

There are many ways to ask, of course. Indirect, may be best. Avoiding hair trigger afflictive emotions.
The kinds of conversations that can be overheard may not sufficiently express what the communication accomplished.

I know what she meant in one sense. That something was bothering her. But as I learned shortly thereafter, it was not what I suspected. Could it be that she recognized that I was perplexed and openly expressed just what it was without consciously intending to do so? Worth investigation I suspect.

"Conversation types, as we know, are not limited to one-on-one."

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