Sunday, May 29, 2011

Grassroots Illusion

Value of Profile
"Florida chain email. Lots of content. Religious cover. Suggests significant funding. Widely dispersed low-level internet vandals."

"It is fair to say that the corner could be turned shortly on this Deception Machine tactic. The key is people working from home or coffee shops who are compensated appropriately for the value they add by cleaning up the online mess. Room for advancement. Those showing skills to adapt to the changing threat promoted."

Who will first step up to the plate? The opportunity is explicit. The data in this log and elsewhere documents the plan, those who have an interest in seeing it implemented and a way for risk takers to be compensated fairly. What's not to like?

"I suspect we will be getting feedback over the usual channels soon. Those who expect a return for passive ownership (deadbeat shareholders) will likely not be interested. Those who believe in future value generation and positive cash flow from inception will find a lot to like here."

"Nice work, feel free to take the rest of the day off.", she was kidding of course. They both chuckled.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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