Sunday, May 29, 2011

Play Dead

"Does it mean that the Age of the Deceptive Meme may be about to fade into history?"

"More likely than not if we have accurately scoped the problem."

Not this but ...
That qualification was a tricky one, though. Identifying and weighting the factors involved based on a lot of assumptions. The peripheral benefits turned out to be a treasure trove of new analytical methods. The 'handle as bias' obfuscation, a good example.

Of the three major visualization transforms (zoom, rotation, translation) the recent focus was on a hybrid of the first two after spatial feature extraction. Granularity of the workforce, high. Efficacy of the hierarchical structure, unknown.

Draw attention away from the giant project needing public approval that serves narrow private interests. Who hold's the keys? The democracy's appropriate agency (State Dept.) and its chief executive.

"The chess match continues. The real-time component, the current position of the pieces on the board paces the effort ..."

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