Friday, May 6, 2011

Early Plan

"The big question now, who will be the first to become equal partners? 

"It seems to me it would be useful to discuss ideas relating to founding and early members.  We could start with the concept that only persons can own and control. 

But what about them?
"Further that these shares are equal and subject to mechanisms that protect the company's interests by excluding or revoking anyone 'not in good standing'."

"Specifcally excluded from membership are organizations or non-personal value (money, property etc.)"

The discussion turned to describing attractive personal profiles. Openness and friendly were common themes as were interest in cutting edge social networking technology and personal integrity.

It certainly helped that the team had long since abandoned the inexplicably popular stereotyping so common in the outdated messaging world. Authentic identity seemed a good attractor candidate.

"You see, it is the combination of multinational and private that creates the open-loop risk. To offset it, balance the currently unchecked power of the few with a new collective power of everyone else. The counterbalancing is already underway. What we propose would hopefully accelerate the process."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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