Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Profitable Deception Machine

Restoration Due
In an effective representative democracy, there is a free flow of accurate information throughout the governed land and among its inhabitants. Further, the data is easily accessible to the voters and there are mechanisms in place to assure the loyalty of representatives to the voters.

With sufficient resources, an enterprise can manipulate and distort the relevant information such that this form of government is no longer effective at serving all its constituents. Further, money can bribe the elected officials under the cover of the voter's then distorted perceptions. Presumably this is done for the benefit of a few to the exclusion of others.

With sufficient conversation enhancing technology, the deleterious effects of the said manipulation can be offset by the voters and the government working in concert. There is persistent market for serving the vast majority. Responding to that market in a timely fashion is far more efficient than the alternative (from the perspective of the whole.)

"A big part of the deception is a largely non-existent benefit to the population in general that is made to appear that way by the Deception Machine. This is quite a bit beyond transparent mistruths."

"Yes. We are fortunate that there are new ways to discover and expose these exploitive techniques."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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