Monday, May 16, 2011

Probability of Future Occurence

"If you have been following the log you will notice that the profile that is assembled using this process is verified on a wide public scale sometime after the investigation begins. What factors contribute to that latency are not well understood at this time. In any case, the second major instance has just occurred.

Linguistic Correlation
"Using the technology disclosed, one could sift through 700 plus pages in a heartbeat to set up appropriate templates for correlating with real-time global traffic.

The missing element in Thin Thread and its derivatives is a critical mass of effective analogs." The sensitive nature of the data handled requires the best of authentication tools and secure channels.

The good news? Pieces of the puzzle were starting to fit together. The bad news? Those who would subvert the inquiry had better access to cutting-edge technology and were not encumbered with a 'moral compass'. To make things worse, they enjoyed the protections normally reserved for the good guys.

"I would like a signal to proceed." The look in her eyes conveyed the seriousness of her request.

"Monitoring of the feedback channels activated."

A trip to the data center via the Santiam Highway seemed appropriate. He was looking forward to the time when the entire round trip would be electric only. The stop on the way would not be long enough to charge.

"What do sock puppetry, real-time categorization of global web traffic and southern California have in common?" He asked himself. Everything changes when the jurisdiction of one nation-state can be played against another. Apple style stealth applied to enforcement changes the game.

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