Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Precarious Discretion

patriotic disclosure
"We wondered why he would advocate for unprecedented transparency and at the same time work so hard against whistle blowing by a particularly effective and notorious party. Now, in no uncertain terms, we know why."

"One wonders what more may be in the pipeline. The machinations of the hidden power players are not as invisible as they were before."

Distribution of leaks about private bad actors moved to a less visible and more disperse network. There are notable precedents for major elements of the strategy. But using the instant world-wide interactive communications platform to do so, not so much. Just too new.

There is a group that may be out of reach of whistler blower accountability - though would one should not assume so. Many a lead has come from disgruntled players near the top treated as disposable minions after the fact. What better place to look than a certain kind of party.

Not is not.
The media feeding frenzy will again generate many misleading headlines. The economics of neo-news requires self-supporting wild speculation. Training for such 'information manufacturing' has become high priority for deception oriented capitalism. These operations are far easier to see when contrasted with person friendly capitalism.

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