Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More Friends Than You Know

"… in the process, diluting the competition's intended manipulative effect. When the solvent is coming from so many directions at once, one does not know what holes to plug when. In fact, it is futile to try since there are not sufficient numbers of troops to adapt to so many unique competitors."

"So the secret then is easy mass access to the light?"

"I am starting to like how it sounds. The connections provide the visible radiant energy. Street lights deter crime in the absence of daylight. And, too, the presence of eyes loyal to those who might suffer if the activity were to continue unabated."

It has taken awhile to reverse engineer the competition's major tool. A sophisticated network of obfuscation evidence of it priority for the perpetrators. The longer and more difficult to traceback the better from their perspective. As the light leaks in from every corner the deception tool's effectiveness fades.

"Superman's vulnerability, Kryptonite. The Deception Machine's? The light of friendly conversation. If you can't be with a friend you love, use the net."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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