Saturday, May 21, 2011

Who are those guys?

"Passed down generation to generation, each time gaining momentum. Sure would like to stop it this time.

"Hidden in plain site. Is it ready yet? Something in the soup must be saying, yes. Computers remaining logged on. Secrets are not so much in the larger world - more like a continuum.

"Is it my fault I read it? It was open when I popped the lid. Stuff like that ... you just don't ignore."

"More going on just out of sight. As you said."

Gun shy. Hearing footsteps. Hypervigilant. The mind's fire drill. Better safe than correct? A common destructive pattern that, believe it or not, scales well.

Think Private
"Does she really think, at times, that all is a deceptive game? If so, I suspect she knows depression. Been there done that."

"But you love her still."

"There is no short answer to that. I love her more than I can describe and that has been true since conception. My ability to do it effectively, however, has evolved. Rapidly over the last several years. Its a mountain to climb and though my ticker precludes brute force techniques to claim the summit, I do have 'soup' up my sleeve."

"Too much jargon there."

" You can decode it. But only if you care. You know where to dig."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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