Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Welcome Back

"Not unlike accidentally overhearing a very timely conversation."

"Its as if these exchanges have been happening all the time. We were just unaware of them."

"Or they flashed in front of us and we did not act because we were distracted by something that seemed more important?"

Peer To Peer
Focus as compared to mindfulness, perhaps. This subject had come up before, in a manner-of-speaking. Something about the illusion that thoughts are disconnected and how that can lead to afflictive emotion.

Fascinating how this phenomena was exploited by the selfish short-term thinkers of the time. The answer, once again, lay in the capacity to reside in others and let soup take care of its self.


"Watch this, the artificial flood is beginning to reveal its source. Very clever how the sheer volume of synthesized traffic masks the patterns generated by the manufacturing tools.

"We cannot locate the geographical coordinates directly. Getting closer by measuring the echo correlations."

The rising excitement, palpable.  And yet all they were seeing was what was seen through the eyes of those who were there. As in all good story telling, the receiver's imagination bridges the missing patches. With a critical mass of receivers so endowed, signal averaging and related techniques makes the detail in the story explicit and useable.

Like great abstract art, the collaboration of mind cues and imagination ... alchemy of a high order.

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