Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Illumination Sequence

"It actually takes a lot of energy to maintain the illusion after awhile. Using the hot-spot detector we are able to see the sources of that energy. The geographical pattern can then illuminate likely command centers."

Several images were shown in sequence illustrating the impact of the illusory output. The pace of the slides was manually stepped to reflect the audience attention each slide was getting.

ICT One-Niner?
"The cyclic nature we discussed before follows a Mobius like pattern. One can all also think in terms of Lissagous Curves. The important point here is the fundamental frequency relationship.  In the case under discussion, though the wavelength can vary widely the ratio of horizontal and vertical harmonics could be expressed in small integers."

In a simple example, think of a butterfly transition from time to frequency domain and back. Now superimpose these on a spherical surface that represents the universal interactions (universe = 1 unit = said sphere).

"This then, is the model we are now testing against the machine's history as modulated by its constituents."

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