Sunday, April 17, 2011

Privacy as Gravity

"Privacy is gravity? Those who rely heavily on it reason, it is better to trust an enemy you know than one you don't.

"What they may not realize is they are often choosing to sever ties with those that can mitigate the foolish efforts of a selfish few. In the process, helping their most formidable enemies by NOT thinking deeper about the value of trust and the artifacts that enhance such trust.

"Privacy driven by fear not understood makes the world more dangerous, not less. Sharing driven by intrinsic trust of the human design can be a powerful antidote."

"Who is the authority and how should I control those beneath me on his behalf?", gravity's minion asked.

"We are the authority. Each of us had the opportunity to have a productive conversation with our neighbors. 'Beneath is not relevant'", the blue shell interjected.

The pendulum considered what each had said carefully and was thankful the man-made noise was having a less negative impact on communication. Thanks to the new tools from the friendlier cloud folks.

"We are powered in part by the energy they expend to resist. Its kinda' cool."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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