Sunday, April 24, 2011

Charm and Personality

"Why game that system rather than another?"

"It is lucrative. Very lucrative. It is almost entirely driven by manipulated perception.  He who masters other's perception is rewarded handsomely."

There was a time when controlling opinion was much harder than it is now. The ease of doing so has grown with a specific class of artifact for the most part. Inventions may have come and gone in it but the class itself has grown exponentially.

Ironic that the rapid expansion of communications is so easily taken for granted given its impact on our happiness.  Humans needed to communicate to survive initially. Like the wolf, a certain level of effective collaboration through information interchange was necessary to keep from starving and becoming someone else's food.

As time has passed, innovation in the field has by many measures allowed the species to do more more than just continue to exist. One could argue that there is a causal relationship between growth in technology assisted communication and humanity thriving.

But alas, there has been a dark side too. The ego's blind spot coupled with another invention, money has created something not so nice for us out of the techniques of "sharing' information.

The market is as much as a fifth of the Gross National Product. Reality and modern communications have combined to create a huge perceived demand for - may I be blunt - a proxy for immortality.

So, yes. Very lucrative. Mix a little irrationally exorbitant demand with dazed and confused politics and a few other magic ingredients in the rapidly growing field just discussed and what do you get? A license to print money, And, importantly, extend the lifetimes of the deserving at the expense of the less 'hard working'. After all, who could possibly be more deserving than those with vast economic resources?

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  1. Koch machine health 'care', 'socialist' networking, privacy scare etc.