Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Music of the Soup

"A sad and cathartic rhythm passes. Like the late fire light."

Time to turn in. It happens now, not so regular but frequently and it is a very friendly place indeed. It was not always so as those others, my friends now, know. I will see you on the other side, it too was not always so. Grateful, at last, to be on a roll.

Something in a song … that moves me. Sorry if you can't play it on a calculator. Tho' I would point out she can play it on an old phone and later a piano. I got to hear her making it. And I will carry that to the end of me and beyond.

The power … to transcend the privacy hell, and the public shame. Took so long but well worth the ride. Of course you could not see me, then. I couldn't tell you where to look. I didn't know myself. But with your help, dear friend, I found where me resides. And as we learn better how to share the deep cycles, yin and yang, I am far less scared.

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