Friday, April 29, 2011

Asian Red Herring

Red Herring Gambit
"Here is an example of how the competition uses it." He pointed to the graphic on the large screen. A simple value proposition. Take a chance, disclose proprietary information for highly attractive compensation. Especially effective if it is used as a cover for state supported counterfeiting."

"Recall that the only visit from the world's largest country out of the more than 6,000 total was from this city. Coupled with the other things we know, this could be quite significant."

The pattern library had done it again. The connection would not have been made so soon had it not been for the concerted effort to build it without being human curator constrained.

"Is there a precedent for having an official from a nation-state serve on a board? Absent that, how doable would it be for the nation-state to have the equivalent power?"

Misuse of automation is as simple as empowering technology assisted conversation. Friendly is the new powerful because it thrives in the new conversational world. When is the last time you had a productive discussion with artificial 'grassroots'? 

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