Tuesday, April 5, 2011


"It is true that one of the biggest secrets to understanding is watching leading edge strategic communications unfold. If you are new to the process, here is another vignette - from the beginning.

One of the primary tasks of the 'soup' is in projecting what is likely to happen.
"Once rapport is established, one can reasonably ask another, "What causes you to believe that?" Chances are if the connection is deep enough, the answer to this fundamental question will reveal  a consensus foundation.

"Perhaps a useful exercise in understanding the importance of manufactured perception is to consider a specific case. The graph shows search and news activity through the first part of the year 2011 in the US. Note the large disparity in interest as shown by the search index and what was reported in the news index below it."

Note the disparity between what people wanted to know and what was reported in the news.

A proven method in closing this kind of gap is productive conversation - the new communications technology helps.

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