Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hearing Instead One's Noise

"Never interrupt ..."
"Is our competition making a mistake?"

"Who is planting seeds now?"

"Which side is up?"

They were joking, yes. But the subject, very substantive nevertheless. Why would they parade a clown, of sorts, as a potential 'leader'. Beginning to buy their own hype? After all, it is difficult to hear when shouting. Or perhaps, losing control of a mechanism precariously balanced on sustained public deception? And if so, who is it that caused the deceiver to lose the narrative's lead? Potential ally?

One leaves out personalities and describes historical behavior to engage a listener's higher brain function, if available. Names, for example, connect a perceiving mind to unrelated detail in implicit ways and often subconsciously. The lack of immediate familiarity can drive cognitive consideration to a higher more adaptive mode.

A two step process where a small number are initially involved then influence a much larger number because of a feeling of "ownership" in the meme. A little more time to reach a more effective audience. Once 'inside' the informed and motivated become a platform for motivating and informing yet others (and at a faster pace).

Huge but trending down. Small but exploding (trending up).

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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