Monday, April 11, 2011

Doogle Summit

Search, what's search?
"Doogle looked me square in the eye and started wagging his tail. Since our conversation was in Doogle-ese, I will have to paraphrase in order to share with you what we discussed.

Some concepts translate better than others. Further free of context, some cannot be translated at all.

"Our conversations are typical of inter-species rapport. Abstractions, so important to the exchange of information, are impeded by associated overhead of non-standard verbal and non-verbal language."

How unfortunate that his name was already in wide use. The machine will likely be confused for a bit. Such are the hazards of rapid prototyping and canine maintenance (human maintenance).

"The key question for the administration is simply this, how dependent on private contractors is the chief executive to analyze DEEP breaches in the network infrastructure? Frankly, from the outside there is reason to doubt that it is sufficient."

"I beg to differ, elections bring a unique opportunity to move away from dependence on compromised facilities and agencies. Person-centric cloud entities could assist in achieving something approaching 'untouchable' resources - as far removed from corruption as the state-of-the-art permits.

"Maybe the Brits can coach us on how to deal with Rupert infestations?"

(Beholder's image and more: RG Wamsley)

© 2011 Buzz Hill


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