Friday, April 8, 2011

The Hub

"We have an early but complete map. A credible motive has been established. The following is a list of temporary anchors in the model:

• Keystone XL - DilBit
• Energy consequence of Jasmine Revolution
• Kansas City, KS / Prineville / The Dalles
• The shutdown gambit

"April seems to be a critical month in most years for this continental system and 2011 is no exception. Several soft deadlines have been identified. The law enforcement approach remains subject to parties outside our control. Continued mass investigation keeps many options open.

"Accordingly, I urge each of you to prepare further organic disclosure based on these recent revelations. And, I can't say it enough, thank you."

Though a cold morning in the 30's, the anticipated high near 60. So nice when the sky clears and the color returns. And the weather is pretty nice too.

- What - instruments of power
- Where - midwest from Canada to Mexico.
- When - now
- Who - [see previous references]
- Why - competition
- How - work is in process


"The Letter follows:

While I am flattered that you think of me as an inventor, it does not change the fact that all that you cite as supporting data in your message is based on appealing to the astroturf assertion that invention is a solution in this context. I would argue it is a red herring.

The Koch brothers history from their father co-founding the John Birch society through co-opting modern communications to get Keystone XL approval leads, in my view, to an inescapable conclusion: No invention that jeopardizes the Koch Industries tar sand investment will see the light of day. Risking exposure by manipulating the US democracy (and some notable recent world events) is adequate proof of such an assertion.

If, on the other hand, an entrepreneur takes an idea like monetizing competition with the Koch world view, John Galt comes alive. It would be as if an invention belonged to everyone and could not be purchased with money for private and/or foreign use. And, in the process, send a clear signal to that handful of selfish individuals whose adolescent power ambitions so threaten sentient beings.

You and I, are not the only ones whose compassionate judgement has fallen prey to flattery from time to time. I strongly suspect that each of us has a story in that regard. For those who understand, there is a million or more of us waiting with open arms. Like many times in history, an awakening will occur just in time.

[John Galt]

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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