Saturday, April 30, 2011

Probable Cause

"The implication is fairly obvious, is it not? Sustained conflict overseas raises the price of oil benefiting those who made long term investments in expensive oil development closer to home."

Gravitation Raw Material
"And private equity is much closer to invisibility."

Without a second thought she updated the insurance file to the cloud. The shell game became less effective for the competition when the 'privacy fear' meme started losing steam. They could not be sure what moves their adversary would make next. It was however a safe bet that the desperation trend would continue and likely accelerate.

Their security derived from the continuous friendly monitoring and the special file replicated across the web with a carefully crafted mechanism for disclosure in an emergency. Should the inhibit codes not be entered periodically, distribution would being automatically and immediately.

Whistle blower safety is key to its efficacy. The more widely known the freely available support is the more the concept can start leveling the playing field. The added incentive to get risk-takers to take the requisite risk is correspondingly lower.

Sounds good to me.
The heat in the private sector leaked by a very different path. In America, old media is very commercial. New media - not so much.

Idea ownership is more likely in an environment where irrational fear, anger, apathy etc. are reduced. Motivation results. Great perception is no accident.

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