Sunday, April 10, 2011

Development Protocol

"I suspect we should test the assumptions on this right away. You see the well-funded multiple or fake identity problem is directly addressed by the as yet unnamed organization owned and operated by single individuals."

Secret Agenda
"I don't get it." She frowned and pounded the table. As it sunk in, the whole room shook with laughter. An inside joke to be sure. Small low-risk venues are the best place to start changing the world.

The very organization they were targeting was using asymmetric advantage (automation, robust funding etc.) to obscure the truth about the unfriendly way they help big owners - manufacturing public opinion their specialty.

Carefully designed organic propagation that avoids the target's manipulation of interactive communications is as easy as recursing sincere dialog with friends. In as few words as possible, empower your friends humanity and encourage them to do the same. Works for Facebook, why not this?

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