Monday, April 4, 2011

Identity Network Effects

"You may recall, its a social network thing. People one knows means more than a formulaic approach to unique identity (or so this line of thinking goes).

Local-centric is key to integrity. Proximity of constituents matters. Similarity of values and experience facilitate the requisite communications. Continuous testing keeps it that way and acts as a formidable defense to external manipulation.

"We are betting the competition will not be able to keep pace. Their smaller numbers and lack of trust puts them at a disadvantage if sufficient time exists for marshaling a critical mass of properly equipped collaborators."

"Nice try."
Once the 'conversation catalyst' is deployed the infrastructure can react more appropriately for the longer term -- software defined communications. Santa Barbara, California.

"It is futile to deny human nature. Many have tried. All have ultimately failed. The arrogance responsible for the vigorous attempts to subdue it have been met with overwhelming resistance, sooner or later."

"Yes, mom. We are beginning to understand and appreciate your patience ... however belated."

So dear reader, this is how the 'unique identity whitelist' began. One could say that it has become the conceptual foundation for the project that we are about to undertake.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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