Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tactile and Olfactory

"My nose itches."
Patient access to a place where the concept chains are quite long and carefully crafted. Within hours the anchors fade but experience has shown they emerge in context at just the right time - a short while later.

Letting the competition choose the agenda can put friendly at a disadvantage, so it can be wise to resist. Unless of course, the misspent energy can be redirected. Pull without the burden of deception, one of the great equalizers made possible by the competition's internet methods.

"The urge to answer quickly is almost overwhelming. The nocturnal insight into waiting for the right time is worthy of acknowledgement. The best return is not so time sensitive that it cannot wait for a bit more input and preparation."

"Like building a bridge in the fog. Or 'flying instruments'. One needs to deal without visceral feedback to maintain confidence." 

A 'gotcha' storm brewing, the 'accepted wisdom' taught. A lot of energy (actually the appearance thereof) generated by the confluence of manufactured perception, adolescent experimentation and ill gotten 'wealth'.

"For whistle blowing to work, there must be reward that outweighs the risk taken. Think of this as preparation for that. Nice community organizing if you ask me."

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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