Friday, April 22, 2011

Stumbled into ...

"When a given person becomes noticeably angry at the mere mention of the name you can immediately assume something - there is likely a relevant story behind it."

Koch method?
"I sensed paranoia as well. Are we really closer or just close to a smaller cell?"

The adoption of Technology Assisted Conversation had closely followed rising trust in the medium. Vertical channeling, as discussed in this log, would have guided adoption of ever more robust privacy, secrecy and authority prescribed trust. So it was not until the technology could cost-effectively support meaningful sustained interaction that the workable alternative could emerge. It too had to await countermeasures to the substantial efforts of the old model's vested interests.

"Let us know when the tree is about to fall. We would like to get out of the way." He smiled at her.

"Yeah, I have been feeling it for over a week. Just in case, we dispatched a crew right away to take some pictures and gather data up North. Nothing on the Washington side yet, though. That's next."

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