Saturday, April 30, 2011

Predatory Wing, Tea Party

"Humor makes more money than opinion disguising as news. Adjust."
Florida Natasha. Florida

The machine generates output in a comfortable form. Because it feels like an old shoe, newcomers may assume incorrectly that it is factual rather than highly informed speculation.

It is a lot easier to clear up the confusion after-the-fact since the comfortable format is designed to overcome generic skepticism not appropriate to the topic at hand.

Eliminating this last step is an unfortunate use of the methodology's rationale. Deception of this type is highly sophisticated but still misleading. Suspension of disbelief becomes manipulation.

"We have a plausible explanation for Walnut Creek but the Leeds thing is bit mystifying."

"Energy finance and incentive for unrest?"


And what of the new enforcement tack? If it works in the pharmaceutical industry would it not also work in the oil industry as well? Make it worthwhile for honest people to take a risk to expose criminal behavior? Especially if it has relatively low up-front cost?

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