Thursday, April 7, 2011

His Camera Tells It All?

"Why did she leave her 'diary' open? Did she know or was it a slip? Can helicopters care? Even overbearing black ones?"

Mean well?
There are two subjects I would like to discuss this morning. I am not exactly sure how they are related. I assure you that I am convinced there is always some kind of connection. It will come as little surprise that I expect a bridge and I will HUNT IT DOWN.

Recall that I said there are two:

1) prolific gradients
2) infiltration cells becoming active

"You are being too analytical. It doesn't mean anything ... but keep talking while I deny knowing about ... whatever." Ok, she didn't state as much but lets just say she probably should avoid poker for anything more than charity. What was that noise? Did you hear it?

I am suggesting we abstract for indexing and communicating. The contrasts are more commonly used to tell stories.  By default, the story told may lose important nuance to serve the medium's format (otherwise, too much information).

Romeo and Juliet comes to mind. The patterns in the story are timeless. Witness that centuries have passed since its 'inception' and yet the story still resonates. Because ...

Hard To Get
We often hear of how the powerful have used the subtle stepping stones of expectation to control a collective's perception.

While acknowledging such, it can be quite useful to look at the labyrinthe of expectation outside the real-time ego.

"The very mind games on which they rely are the platform. To turn someone in the competition's camp, offer a carrot to a manipulative ego.

Competent folks eventually tire of being minions. Accelerated by an appeal to the creative core common to the human animal, a better human emerges.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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