Wednesday, April 13, 2011


*NOTE* For those who have received training. The following post was generated by the Early Warning Facility prototype.

"Harrah Analytics', without the quotes, Prudence. Consider the results then scale it up.

"From the tower of dollars, their 'prescription' for us. Governments and friends tremble alike in the awesome power of the ultimate message, "you are not worthy of a truthful adversary.'"

The six nation enclave experimented with the new gadget out of sight of professional skeptics. Timing of the disclosure becomes better with experience. It seeks synchronicity. A nice beat, so to speak.

Standing alone the gadget was not so much. In the hands of believers it came alive.  What it omitted, imagination, made it so.

Grand Ole Opry
Fabulous design is never finished. It continually evolves based on increasing numbers of engaged conversations. Stand by for the next segue.

"But its the only signal we can get and we need some new songs.", he pointed at the tuning dial.

"What if you get a better radio?", she asked.

And so it began. More songs. Better songs. And a new mantra, responses in the optimal medium with the help of new human-made stuff. KOOL, on the mighty Columbia.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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