Monday, April 18, 2011

Trusted Search - Hacked?

"Backdating, is that what it is called?"

Rallying cry.
"If you look at it closely there are contradictions you simply would not expect from a Google search. Are we overlooking something?"

"Maybe. The harder it is to find the source, the more important it is that we try. Our competition would have us believe the source is inconsequential and only the content has meaning. A clear sign that looking deeper is likely to reveal something of real value behind the misleading claim. Especially if we have a critical mass of individuals approaching the investigation, independently."

"Like value investing, when value and valuation are not tracking its transaction time (buy or sell)." Obfuscation, like litigation is a leading indicator of trends taking sharp turns. Why? Because buying time is all that is necessary given other asymmetric advantages. Rules of thumb, deeply understood and creatively applied.

"I suspect we should tag this one with 'high production values' as well."

"Agreed. The user names often lead to highly similar game graphics and game creating 'studios'."

The team knew from recent experience that patterns, not concrete clues, were/are the most productive leads in discovering a covert perpetrator in the online domain.

© 2011 Buzz Hill

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