Sunday, April 10, 2011

Some Rules

What revolution?
Forget proprietary. If you are relying on something that can be owned, misdirected capital will weigh you down like a bowling bowl in a sprint.

Temporarily secret, yes. So the idea has a fast rise time (spike) in the public eye when it is ready - and not a moment before. Getting noticed in a blizzard of man made noise takes precise timing and robust preparation. 

Faith in people, not their proxies - not their personas. That is the juice. If an organization questions that, they will need to upgrade quickly ... or be left behind. Yes, Prudence, ANY organization.

"You have what it takes. Your human for God's sake! Furthermore, you have what you are reading this on and what it is connected to - more humans. The Dalai Lama says that is all you need. I believe him."

Source: Google Trends: 'mobile' - 2010

"The competition would not be caught saying such a thing, even to their own team members. Command and control discourages independent thinking by the vast majority of their constituents. Hair trigger loyalty is more useful …?"

"It would be funny to most, if there were less suffering. I like it when people laugh."

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